Rhinoplasty for a septal perforation

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery for a septal perforation is a complicated procedure. A septal perforation can occur due to many causes such as previous nasal surgery, trauma, intranasal drug use, or Afrin abuse. The perforation must be symptomatic to warrant closure. Symptoms might include poor nasal breathing, crusting, bleeding, and whistling due to the septal perforation. Closing a septal perforation…

Earlobe repair for slit earlobes

Slit earlobes, torn earlobes, gauged earlobes, or slot earlobes can be a nuisance to many women and men who have worn large or heavy earrings. These earrings can create a long slit in the earlobe and sometimes tear through the bottom of the earlobe.


Sinus Surgery and Rhinoplasty

This weekend I attended a sinus surgery conference in Houston hosted by the UT ENT department sinus experts. The guest speaker was Dr. Stammberger who is considered one of the top sinus surgeons in the world. I frequently have rhinoplasty or