Saturday, December 31, 2011

Revision Septoplasty for Deviated Septum - Houston, TX

A deviated septum can lead to significant nasal breathing problems and even nose bleeds. Septoplasty can easily correct a deviated septum. However, sometimes the cartilage can lose correction and return to its deviated state.

Revision septoplasty is a difficult procedure. Frequently a bone graft, PDS plate, or spreader grafts may be needed to stabilize the septum. Weakening of the septal cartilage to remove its memory and suturing techniques may also help. Most important, it is important to seek a trained and expert nasal surgeon when pursuing this type of surgery.

Dr. Funk is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon and ENT practicing in Houston, TX.

Monday, December 26, 2011

French Breast Implants to be Removed

A recent revelation that a certain type of silicone breast implant is prone to rupture has created a stir throughout Europe and the Middle East. The French government has recommended anyone with the PIP silicone breast implant have them removed. Initial comments that it may be linked to breast cancer have been retracted, however these implants are more likely to rupture and cause leakage of silicone than regular silicone breast implants. Apparently the silicone is industrial strength silicone found similarly in mattresses. Thousands of other patients have had these PIP implants throughout Europe and South America.

Although I do not perform breast surgery, this is another example of the importance of having these procedures performed in the United States rather than abroad for fiscal reasons. The FDA regulates things so tightly that these implants would never have been allowed to be implanted in the US.

Dr. Funk is a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Houston, TX.

Ear Job, Lobe Lift, Lobe job, Earlobe Reduction

Rejuvenating an earlobe has gained popularity with the baby boomers as of late. Wearing long or heavy earrings over the ears in addition to the loss of collagen, fat, and elasticity (that is also lost everywhere in the body) causes the earlobes to become long, thin, and hanging. This looks abnormal and disharmonious when combined with a facelift or other rejuvenating facial plastic surgery.

Earlobe reduction, aka ear job, lobe job, lobe lift, can be easily performed in the office under local anesthesia. The earlobe is reduced in size and sewn back up along the lower border of the lobe. The scar is not noticeable and the ear can typically be repierced in a higher position 6-8 weeks later.

Dr. Funk is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who performs countless number of earlobe repairs for slit earlobes, slot earlobes or torn earlobes in addition to earlobe reduction and enhancement. He is a facial plastic surgeon in Houston, TX.

Did Vladimir Putin have Plastic Surgery?

There has been much speculation as to whether Vladimir Putin has had facial plastic surgery. Based on his photographs, it appears he may have had lower eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty in addition to Botox and perhaps fillers to his cheeks and corners of the mouth.

It is not uncommon for political figures to have facial plastic surgery to appear more youthful and obtain the younger vote. The key is to appear natural, subtle, and have a more refreshed yet unoperated appearance.

Dr. Funk is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rhinoplasty Cost in Houston, Texas

The cost of rhinoplasty depends on multiple factors. The complexity of your nose and whether there are functional or breathing issues.

Previous cosmetic nasal surgery increases the level of difficulty for rhinoplasty as there is significant scarring and lack of cartilage for grafting.

If you have breathing concerns, these may be covered by insurance which should fray your surgeon’s fees, facility fees, and anesthesia fees as these three entities will also bill your insurance and obtain some reimbursement from that route.

Most importantly though, nasal surgery should be performed by a rhinoplasty expert, regardless of cost. This is an area where you get what you paid for and corners should not be cut.

Dr. Funk is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty in Houston, TX and sees patients from Katy, Sugarland, Houston, Spring Cypress, Clear Lake, and Pasadena.