Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Different Type of Facelift in Houston

Everyone’s face is unique and has distinct features. It is therefore important to assure that the proper facelift technique is applied for the appropriate face. There are various types of facelifts that have many different types of terminology. I will briefly describe a few of these.

The mini facelift (also referred to as the Manhattan facelift, Weekend facelift, or Short Scar Faclift) is a type of facelift that addresses the jowls and jawline only. This is for patients that do not need much neck work and require a small incision in front and behind the ear. There is not considerable SMAS or muscle dissection and therefore the recovery is shorter (1-2 weeks).

The vertical facelift describes the vector of pull for the SMAS or muscle. This is for patients with loose jawline and neck skin that may have a more pulled appearance if the vector of pull is too lateral. This also allows for more fullness in the malar or cheek area for these patients. This is a slightly more advanced facelift and require a little more recovery than the short scar facelift (2 weeks).

The deep plane facelift can be combined as a vertical lift or a traditional lift but relies not only on dissection of the facial and neck skin, but requires dissection of the SMAS or muscle as well. A platysmaplasty or tightening of the neck muscle is performed down the midline to creat a sling or hammock like suspension of the neck and jawline. This is the longest lasting and most effective type of facelift.

Dr. Funk is a board certified Houston facial plastic surgeon who specializes in facelifts for patients from Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Spring Cypress, Clear Lake, and Pasadena.