Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rhinoplasty Cost in Houston, Texas

The cost of rhinoplasty depends on multiple factors. The complexity of your nose and whether there are functional or breathing issues.

Previous cosmetic nasal surgery increases the level of difficulty for rhinoplasty as there is significant scarring and lack of cartilage for grafting.

If you have breathing concerns, these may be covered by insurance which should fray your surgeon’s fees, facility fees, and anesthesia fees as these three entities will also bill your insurance and obtain some reimbursement from that route.

Most importantly though, nasal surgery should be performed by a rhinoplasty expert, regardless of cost. This is an area where you get what you paid for and corners should not be cut.

Dr. Funk is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty in Houston, TX and sees patients from Katy, Sugarland, Houston, Spring Cypress, Clear Lake, and Pasadena.

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