Nose Job Improves Teen Confidence

I have no scientific evidence to proved this, but I have seen it time and time again in my clinical practice. A teenager arrives for a nose job or rhinoplasty consultation and seems timid, shy, and concerned about his or her appearance. Their head is down and their eyes constantly looking away.

After rhinoplasty or nose surgery, and once the patient has recovered and the swelling has subsided I start to see a transformation in these patients. At times, somewhat of a metamorphosis if you will. Their confidence improves, they look you in the eye and now proudly strike a pose when I photograph them. Some of them improve in their studies and I have seen behavioral changes as well.

Now, I’m not trying to say that rhinoplasty will make you a better, more confident person or improve your grades or attain more friends. However, in some cases, I have seen confidence and behavior changes with many of my teen rhinoplasty patients.

Dr. Funk is a board-certified rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston, TX who performs nose surgery, revision rhinoplasty, and other facial cosmetic procedures.

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