Facelift scars

Many of my facelift patients are concerned about their scars. Especially my short-haired patients.

The facelift scar is placed around the ears and is dependent on the type of facelift, location of the hairline, and surgeon preference.

With a mini lift, the incision will begin in front of the ear but not extend significantly behind the ear and simply end behind the earlobe. That is because the neck is typically not addressed with a mini lift.

With a neck lift, the incision extends fully behind the ear but only stops just in front of the earlobe.

In general, I have found that bringing the incision under the temporal tuft of hair and just barely up the temporal hairline provides the best result without raising the hairline. I also bring my incision behind the ear very high and into the hairline so as not to be seen. I have found this provides the best scar after a facelift.

Dr. Funk is a Houston facial plastic surgeon specializing in facelift, neck lift, and facial rejuvenation surgery.

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