Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is Septoplasty done with Nose Job or Nose Surgery?

Septoplasty is a procedure to straighten a deviated septum during nose surgery. Most nasal septums are deviated to a certain degree. The severity of the deviated septum will determine the amount of nasal obstruction (other factors may contribute such as nasal turbinates and the nasal valve). I routinely perform septoplasty during rhinoplasty or nose job surgery in order to straighten the septum but also to obtain septal cartilage for grafting purposes during rhinoplasty. Septoplasty is a straightforward procedure done on an outpatient basis.

Dr. Funk is a nose job or nose surgery specialist in Houston, TX. He sees patients from Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Memorial, and Spring Cypress.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Revision Rhinoplasty - Ear cartilage or rib cartilage

Revision rhinoplasty is one of the more difficult types of surgeries in plastic surgery. There is significant scar tissue under the skin envelope of the nose between the skin and cartilage/bone. This makes healing more unpredictable compared to primary or first-time rhinoplasty or nose surgery. In addition, if a septoplasty was performed, there may be limited cartilage to work with for grafts. Therefore alternative sources of cartilage need to be used.

I prefer to use the patient’s own cartilage when performing revision rhinoplasty. If there is insufficient septal cartilage for use, my first choice is to utilize ear cartilage. This is taken from the conchal bowl of the ear. The concha is the area just outside the ear canal and is a curved bowl-shaped piece of cartilage. This cartilage is excellent for reconstruction and support of the nasal tip. This does not change the shape of the ear and the scar is located behind the ear and almost completely inconspicuous.

However, if a strong, straight piece of cartilage is needed, this may require rib cartilage. Rib cartilage is taken through a small 2-inch incision just above the breast line in women so that the scar is well hidden by a bikini or bra and just inside the crease in men. I will typically use rib cartilage as a last resort and favor a patient’s own cartilage rather than irradiated cadaveric rib cartilage. However, if a large piece of cartilage is necessary rib is the greatest source for grafting.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty or nose job specialist in Houston and sees patients from Katy, Sugarland, Spring Cypress, and Houston.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nose surgery for septal perforation

A septal perforation can cause crusting, nose bleeds, and even whistling. I believe that repairing a septal perforation is technically, the most difficult type of nose surgery. A rhinoplasty approach is typically used when repairing a septal perforation. The mucosa, or skin lining of the inside of the nose is elevated below and above the perforation and advanced to close each side. A piece of fascia or skin substitute is is placed between the two flaps to separate them. I like to use some fascia from behind and above the ear in the hairline.

Cosmetic changes with rhinoplasty can be made to the nose at the same time of a septal perforation. However, ear cartilage may need to be used for grafting purposes as there is obvious lack of septal cartilage due to the septal perforation.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty specialist in Houston, TX. He performs rhinoplasty(nose surgery or nose job), septoplasty, and sinus surgery on patients from Katy, Sugarland, Houston, and Spring Cypress.

How much younger will I look after a facelift?

This is a common question posed by many of my facelift patients. When performing facial rejuvenation surgery, I am not trying to turn back time (Cher reference unintended), but simply wanting to provide a more refreshed and rejuvenated result. I expect friends and family to say, “You look rested”, or “Have you lost weight?”, or “Something looks different, is it your hair?”.

A facelift should look unoperated, not pulled or windswept. Scars should be well concealed around the ears and hairline. I pride myself that my facelift scars, even on the shortest of hairstyles, the scars are almost completely inconspicuous.

That being said, a facelift should make one look about 10-12 years younger. Facelifts should last about 10-15 years depending on the technique and type of facelift. But most importantly, facelifts should look natural and provide a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Dr. Funk is a facelift surgeon in Houston and performs face and neck lifts on patients from Houston, Katy, Sugarland, and Clear Lake.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Will my bones be broken during rhinoplasty?

During rhinoplasty, nose surgery, or a nose job, the nasal bones may need to be fractured to narrow the nose or to “close the roof”. When a nasal hump is taken down, the bridge of the nose may resemble the top of an air-craft carrier. It will be flat with sharp edges. Frequently, the bones will need to be fractured to bring these sharp areas in and to round the bridge off.

I typically perform these osteotomies last during of rhinoplasty to avoid bruising and swelling and be able to get ice on the eyes immediately. The fractures I place are also very low which causes less bruising and edema after surgery.

Nasal bones do not always need to have these controlled fractures, but I do perform this in patients with crooked nasal bones, a large hump that was reduce, or a wide bridge.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty expert in Houston who performs nasal surgery, aka nose job, often on patients from Katy, Sugarland, Memorial, Houston, and Spring Cypress.