Will my bones be broken during rhinoplasty?

During rhinoplasty, nose surgery, or a nose job, the nasal bones may need to be fractured to narrow the nose or to “close the roof”. When a nasal hump is taken down, the bridge of the nose may resemble the top of an air-craft carrier. It will be flat with sharp edges. Frequently, the bones will need to be fractured to bring these sharp areas in and to round the bridge off.

I typically perform these osteotomies last during of rhinoplasty to avoid bruising and swelling and be able to get ice on the eyes immediately. The fractures I place are also very low which causes less bruising and edema after surgery.

Nasal bones do not always need to have these controlled fractures, but I do perform this in patients with crooked nasal bones, a large hump that was reduce, or a wide bridge.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty expert in Houston who performs nasal surgery, aka nose job, often on patients from Katy, Sugarland, Memorial, Houston, and Spring Cypress.

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