Sunday, September 30, 2012

Should I have eyelid surgery with my facelift?

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a common procedure that I perform along with a facelift. Enhancing and rejuvenating the eyes provides harmony and balance to the remainder of the face. A facelift or face and neck lift provides improvement to the jawline and neck and treats jowling, neck skin laxity, and a more youthful lower face and neck.

Frequently, if the eyelids are not addressed at the time of a facelift, there may be disharmony between the upper and lower face. This can sometimes cause some discord and an unbalanced appearance to the face.

Dr. Funk is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Houston, TX who performs eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift and facelift surgery often.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Will a nose job help my allergies?

Nose job or rhinoplasty can help improve your nasal airway by performing septoplasty for a deviated septum or making the turbinates smaller. Treating the turbinates can sometimes help with allergies however, one should be wary that nasal airway surgery can sometimes worsen allergies….

Improving the nasal airway increases the volume of air inspired through the nose. This means more air particles are inhaled which include pollens, molds, and animal dander. More allergens inhaled may mean a stronger allergic response.

It should be understood that controlling the nasal mucosa with medications and sprays will treat the allergies before and after surgery. Surgery does not treat the mucosa or lining of the nose.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Facelift or Fillers?

Many of my patients are unsure as to when they would need a facelift or simply just have facial fillers injected such as Restylane or Juvederm. When addressing the maturing face, it is important to assess what is the root cause of one’s facial appearance. Whether it is a deflated appearance, descent of facial features, or possibly both.

Filler injections are excellent methods to enhance the appearance of the face, improve fine lines, folds, and add volume to the face. Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, and Radiesse are excellent fillers that can be used in patients starting in their 30’s for these issues. This can stave off the need for a facelift until later years such as the late 50’s to 60’s.

A face and neck lift will resuspend tissues, improve laxity, and address the descent issue one may see after years of facial maturation. It is important to note that a facelift (depending on the type), may increase volume in the cheeks (slightly), it will be used more for laxity than deflation.

Dr. Funk is a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in filler injection to the face and the facelift in Houston, Texas.

Revision Rhinoplasty for over rotation or nostril show

One of the complications and aesthetically displeasing results after a rhinoplasty or nose job may be an upturned nasal tip causing excess nostril show and a turned up nose with an operated appearance. This can be a disastrous consequence for a rhinoplasty patient.

Overrotation of the nasal tip after nose surgery as an extremely challenging and difficult issue to correct. This requires a high level of expertise and experience from a surgeon who is well versed in revision rhinoplasty. There are multiple methods to correct excess nostril show from an upturned nasal tip. The cartilage can be divided and overlapped to rotate the tip down and lower the height of the tip. A cartilage graft can be used at the base of the tip to give the appearance of a longer nose with a lower tip defining point.

Most important is that patients understand how difficult this is to correct and have reasonable expectations for a result.

Dr. Funk is a nose job and revision rhinoplasty specialist in Houston and is double board certified in facial plastic surgery and ENT.