Revision Rhinoplasty for over rotation or nostril show

One of the complications and aesthetically displeasing results after a rhinoplasty or nose job may be an upturned nasal tip causing excess nostril show and a turned up nose with an operated appearance. This can be a disastrous consequence for a rhinoplasty patient.

Overrotation of the nasal tip after nose surgery as an extremely challenging and difficult issue to correct. This requires a high level of expertise and experience from a surgeon who is well versed in revision rhinoplasty. There are multiple methods to correct excess nostril show from an upturned nasal tip. The cartilage can be divided and overlapped to rotate the tip down and lower the height of the tip. A cartilage graft can be used at the base of the tip to give the appearance of a longer nose with a lower tip defining point.

Most important is that patients understand how difficult this is to correct and have reasonable expectations for a result.

Dr. Funk is a nose job and revision rhinoplasty specialist in Houston and is double board certified in facial plastic surgery and ENT.

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