Am I ready for a Facelift?

A facelift or a face and neck lift will help correct jowling along the jawline, loose neck skin, and fullness in the neck. It will treat muscle bands that are seen in the neck and simply clean things up along the jawline and neck. It will resuspend the platysma muscle along the neck and help with wrinkles in the cheek.

Patients in their late 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and early 70’s in good health are typically good candidates for a mini-facelift, neck lift, or face and neck lift. The procedure performed will depend on the areas that are affected and age of the patient.

A good way to sense whether you are ready to improve your jawline and neck is to take a hand mirror and lay down in bed. How your skin and soft tissues redrape over your jawline and neck will reflect an approximation of what a face and neck lift might provide for you.

Dr. Funk is a facial plastic surgeon and facelift specialist in Houston, TX.

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