Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nose Surgery and Nose Ring

Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty is a common but complicated procedure. Shaping and manipulating the nasal cartilage to create a more aesthetically pleasing nose while preserving function or breathing is challenging. The introduction of scar tissue after a nasal piercing can make rhinoplasty even more difficult. Nose piercing can introduce infection which could lead to warped cartilage on that side of the nose and much weaker cartilage. In addition, it causes scar tissue to be deposited over the cartilage making dissection more difficult. Nevertheless, I have performed many rhinoplasties or nose job surgeries after nose piercing with wonderful results.

Dr. Funk is a board certified Houston facial plastic surgeon who specializes in nose surgery or rhinoplasty.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Teen Rhinoplasty

Summer is a common time for many teenagers to pursue rhinoplasty or nose job surgery. The summer allows for the time to recuperate after surgery and is also a transition period for many patients at this stage in their life. Many patients find the time between high school and college as a perfect time to have their nose surgery before going away and starting another chapter in their lives.

For younger patients, the timing of rhinoplasty is critical. The septum, or wall that separates the two sides of the nose, serves as the epicenter for midface growth. Disturbance of the septum with surgery could lead to poor midface growth in a teenager. As a general rule, teenage girls should wait 1-2 years after their first menstrual period and boys are typically ready by age 16-17 for rhinoplasty.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty and nose job specialist in Houston, TX.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nose Surgery after Trauma

A traumatic accident may leave your nose crooked, with a scar, or deformed in another manner. Nose surgery or rhinoplasty after trauma is all about timing. A nasal bone fracture or broken nose that demonstrated evidence of bony deviation may require a closed reduction with external stabilization or a cast. This is similar to the trainer “cracking” the boxer’s nose over to make it straight in the boxing ring as we have seen in the movies. The surgeon however does this with the patient under anesthesia. This straightens the nasal bones and may improve breathing. Typically, a closed reduction of nasal bone fracture needs to be done within 2 weeks of the injury. Otherwise, the nasal bones may start to heal and mend in the deviated position making reduction more difficult.

With patients who have a chronically deviated nose or crooked nose due to an injury many years ago, the nasal bones may need to be fractured in a controlled manner under anesthesia to straighten them. In addition, cartilaginous changes with grafts and sutures may need to be made in order to straighten the cartilage of the nose.

One thing I always tell my crooked nose patients is that your nose will be perfectly straight on the operating room table. However, cartilage has memory and wants to move back to its original position. If we sleep on our ear pulled forward, it will not remain that way the following day. There are many things to do to prevent the cartilage from moving back with sutures, scoring, and grafts but I always inform these patients that their nose will be “straighter” for certain long term.

Dr. Funk is a top rhinoplasty surgeon or nose surgeon in Houston, Texas.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Revision Rhinoplasty by Houston Nose Surgery Expert

Rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery is one of the most difficult procedures in plastic surgery. The nose is composed of skin, soft tissue, cartilage, and bone. Addressing all of these features during one surgery to create the ideal aesthetic nose is a difficult task. In addition, the surgeon must be prepared to improve or at least preserve function or nasal breathing.

Revision rhinoplasty, or a repeat nose surgery, makes the task of improving nasal aesthetics even more difficult. With revision surgery, there is significant scarring between the skin and cartilage making dissection difficult at times. There may also be missing cartilage that needs to be supported or replaced. The final results are not as predictable as now there is scar healing on top of old scar. Revision Rhinoplasty patients must understand that although perfection is the goal with every surgery, significant improvement in the appearance of the nose is the appropriate expectation for surgery.

Dr. Funk is a revision rhinoplasty expert in Houston, TX.