Nose surgery for deviated septum

Nose surgery for a deviated septum can be fairly straightforward when the nasal septal deviation is minor. However, when there is a severe septal deflection that is extending into the nostrils and causing nostril asymmetry, repair becomes more difficult.

This is called a caudal septal deformity and must be corrected in order to improve breathing. This is done using numerous techniques. The open rhinoplasty approach is easiest to address a severe caudal septal deviation. This allows me to see the septum from above and secure it effectively. The septum may need to be shortened and resutured to the bone above the teeth. Sometimes, a small piece of bone is taken from the back of the septum and used to brace the cartilage in the front and keep it stiff and straight. A last resort would be to completely take the deviated portion of the septum out and use a straight piece of septum to replace this deviated one. This is a complex maneuver that requires PDS plate or a bone graft to bridge the new cartilage to the old.

Dr. Funk is a double board certified ear, nose, and throat surgeon and facial plastic surgeon who specializes in septoplasty and rhinoplasty for a deviated septum.

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