Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Experience

Last week, I saw a patient 8 days after rhinoplasty or nose job. This patient never liked her nose and had contemplated rhinoplasty for close to 20 years. I removed the patient’s stitches and suctioned the inside of the nose. After removing the tape and cleaning the adhesive off the nose, I handed the patient a mirror. I forewarned her that there was still considerable swelling at this stage but that she would be able to appreciate the change made. The patient looked into the mirror and began weeping and becoming emotional. She stated that this was the nose she had always envisioned that she had. She was ecstatic and extremely appreciative.

These are the moments that make my work so gratifying. Nothing could be more fulfilling than a happy patient and recognizing the changes made in peoples’ lives. It always amazes me that sometimes, making a small change, such as in someone’s nose, can have such a positive effect on them.

Dr Funk is a Houston facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist.

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