Why does a Facelift sometimes look “done”?

An operated appearance after any cosmetic surgery is not the type of result one typically desires. Patients want natural results and don’t want to look “different”. The best facelift surgeon will provide a result that looks rested, refreshed, and more youthful while still maintaing a patient’s visage or identity.

The classic “pulled” appearance after a facelift may be due to over-resection of skin or pulling too much on the skin and not enough on the deeper musculature and fascia. Scarring may be evident around the ears due to this over-pulled appearance. The key to provide a natural, long-lasting, and refreshed appearance after a facelift is to place all the tension on the deep muscle and fascia and redrape/excise the excess skin without placing any tension on it. This allows for a youthful and non-operated look.

Dr. Funk is a top facelift surgeon in Houston and is board certified in facial plastic surgery.

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