What is recovery like after a nose job?

Recovery after rhinoplasty or nose surgery is typically 7-10 days. I do not use packing with my rhinoplasties which leads to a more tolerable and easier recovery. Nevertheless, the first couple of nights after nose surgery are described by my patients as uncomfortable. Rarely do they describe pain and rarely do they need the pain medication that was prescribed after rhinoplasty. The main complaint for the first few days is congestion which is simply due to the swelling on the inside of the nose.

The regimen for my patients is that the cast and tape are removed on day 6 after surgery and the nose is retyped. On day 8 or 10 after nose surgery, I remove this tape, the stitches, and suction out the nose. At this point, you are social and could have lunch with friends that day. Most if not all bruising is resolved by this time if there was any from the start. The nose is still swollen, but most people who do not know you had rhinoplasty will not notice.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty expert in Houston, TX.

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