Non Surgical Nose Job

I have had many patients ask me if filler can be used for a nonsurgical nose job. My response to this question is always one of caution and hesitation. The nasal skin is quite thin and, unlike other areas in the face and neck, can be tightly adherent to the underlying cartilage and bone. This can make filler injections over the bridge of the nose look irregular and lumpy. The inside of the nose is a non-sterile place and if the filler comes in contact with the the mucosa, this could lead to an infection of the skin of the nose.

I typically discourage patients from getting injections into their nose and rarely do it myself. Occasionally, if a patient has had a previous rhinoplasty and wants a very small depressed area filled, this is an option. I typically recommend an HA filler like Restylane for this purpose.

It should also be noted that, depending on the filler, this is a temporary solution to enhancing the appearance of the nose. In addition, this will not treat any functional issues the nose may have.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty expert in Houston, TX.

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