Monday, April 28, 2014

What is deviated septum surgery?

A deviated nasal septum can be addressed during rhinoplasty or nose job surgery. Deviated septum surgery corrects the wall that separates the two sides of the nose (septum) to straighten it. A deviated septum may be caused by passage through the birth canal, pubescent growth, or trauma. The septum is composed of cartilage and bone. The deviated portions of the cartilage and bone are removed or straightened and a sufficient amount of cartilage is left in place for support of the bridge and tip.

Dr. Funk is a board certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty or nose surgery in Houston, TX.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Does Eyelid Surgery Hurt?

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty can be performed on either the upper or lower eyelid. Upper eyelid surgery is a fairly straightforward surgery to improve the cosmetic appearance lids by excising excess eyelid skin and creating a more youthful, rested, and open eyed appearance. Recovery after upper blepharoplasty is quite short. Pain is typically controlled with extra-strength Tylenol. Most patients are capable of performing day to day activity 48 hours after surgery. Stitches come out around day 6 after surgery and most patients are social at this point. Most bruising should be resolved at this point.

Lower eyelid surgery treats the bags and dark circles under the eyes. Depending on how involved the work is for the lower eyelid, recovery is typically 10-14 days. There is a little more bruising than upper eyelid surgery and some more swelling. Also a fairly painless procedure, lower eyelid blepharoplasty postoperative pain can be easily controlled with Tylenol or light narcotics.

Dr. Funk is a board certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in eyelid surgery in Houston, TX.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Does a Facelift Include the Neck?

The term facelift can be a bit of a misnomer. I believe a better term would be a face and neck lift. However, there are many different types of facelifts.

If you are only wanting to treat the jawline and jowls, a mini-facelift may be more appropriate. The incisions for this are mainly in front of the ear. Recovery is about 10 days and this is not as involved of a surgery as a face AND neck lift. A minilift DOES NOT treat the neck.

If you are looking to treat the neck, a neck lift with neck muscle tightening will likely be necessary. This can be combined with a facelift. The recovery here may be a little longer. However, this will treat any banding and neck skin laxity.

Dr. Funk is a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Houston, TX.