Does a Facelift Include the Neck?

The term facelift can be a bit of a misnomer. I believe a better term would be a face and neck lift. However, there are many different types of facelifts.

If you are only wanting to treat the jawline and jowls, a mini-facelift may be more appropriate. The incisions for this are mainly in front of the ear. Recovery is about 10 days and this is not as involved of a surgery as a face AND neck lift. A minilift DOES NOT treat the neck.

If you are looking to treat the neck, a neck lift with neck muscle tightening will likely be necessary. This can be combined with a facelift. The recovery here may be a little longer. However, this will treat any banding and neck skin laxity.

Dr. Funk is a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Houston, TX.

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