Is a nose job right for me?

Most of my rhinoplasty patients will tell me that they have never liked their nose since their early teen years. Your dislike of your nose may wax and wane over time, but ultimately your nose will be an aspect of your face you will never be happy with. Cosmetic nose surgery, aka a nose job, is a personal decision and one that should not be made rashly. A good nose job can really enhance the other features of your face like your eyes, cheeks, hair, and lips. These are the aspects of your face you want people to notice. You do not want them distracted by your nose. You also have know what you want regarding changes to your nose. Examine your nose closely so you can inform your surgeon of your exact concerns and desires.

As long as your health is stable, age is typically not an issue. I have performed rhinoplasty on patients ranging in age from 14-75 years old.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty specialist and has been named a top rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston, TX by Realself.

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