Thursday, June 26, 2014

Best Facelift Technique

I recently returned from the Las Vegas Cosmetic and Aesthetic meeting where hot topics included more vertical facelift and neck lift techniques. This type of lift eliminates the need for extensive neck dissection and muscle work in the neck. The deep plane vertical facelift is something I have been performing in Houston for a few years now and I have been quite happy with the results. It is always nice to hear what other surgeons around the country are doing to validate and tweak my techniques.

Fat grafting seems to also be quite popular and is being use more in conjunction with facelift procedures. Other topics discussed at the meeting included ethnic rhinoplasty or nose job specifically for Asians, Juvederm Voluma, and treatment of the midface.

Dr. Funk is a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Houston, TX.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Is a Nose Job Worth It?

A nose job or rhinoplasty is something you may have considered for the last 20 years or 2 years. Your dislike of the appearance of your nose may wax and wane throughout the years, but ultimately, it will continue to reside in your psyche. I have seen how changing the shape of the nose with nose surgery can improve my patients’ confidence, self-esteem, and indifference to taking photographs from all angles. Most of my older patients state they wish they had gotten their rhinoplasty years prior. My younger patients state they post more photos on Instagram and Facebook. So when people ask me if a nose job is worth it, I ask worth what? The cost, the recovery, the concern about how it might look? Ultimately, nose surgery, performed in the right hands, provides a very gratifying, lifelong, and thrilling result that will change your life.

Dr. Funk is a board certified facial plastic surgeon specailizing in nose surgery. He was voted a Top Nose Surgeon in Houston by Realself.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rhinoplasty for a Wide Nose

A common complaint from patients is that they feel their nose may be too wide. Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, can narrow the nose in numerous areas. Nose surgery can narrow the nose in the nasal bone region with osteotomies or controlled fractures of the nasal bones. Rhinoplasty can also narrow a broad or bulbous nasal tip. This can be done with stitches, careful carving of cartilage, or grafting techniques. Lastly the nostrils can be brought in and the base of the nose can be narrowed with an alar base reduction. Typically, a small triangle of skin is removed from the nasal sill and advanced in to decrease nostrils size and narrow the width of the base.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty expert in Houston, TX.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Symptoms of a Deviated Septum

Many of my patients present with trouble breathing through their nose due to a deviated septum. Deviated septum surgery or septoplasty is a common outpatient procedure to correct this breathing problem. Patients may also have recurrent nose bleeds, a dry nose with crusts, and/or snoring.

With rhinoplasty or a nose job, I almost always address a deviated septum as I use the cartilage from the septum for grafting purposes for the cosmetic portion of the case.

The septum is composed of cartilage and thin bone. Most deviations occur at the junction of this cartilage and bone as they grow. A deviated septum can also occur from birth trauma, pubescent growth, or trauma later in life.

Dr. Funk is a nose surgeon in Houston, TX who specializes in rhinoplasty and deviated septum surgery.