Is a Nose Job Worth It?

A nose job or rhinoplasty is something you may have considered for the last 20 years or 2 years. Your dislike of the appearance of your nose may wax and wane throughout the years, but ultimately, it will continue to reside in your psyche. I have seen how changing the shape of the nose with nose surgery can improve my patients’ confidence, self-esteem, and indifference to taking photographs from all angles. Most of my older patients state they wish they had gotten their rhinoplasty years prior. My younger patients state they post more photos on Instagram and Facebook. So when people ask me if a nose job is worth it, I ask worth what? The cost, the recovery, the concern about how it might look? Ultimately, nose surgery, performed in the right hands, provides a very gratifying, lifelong, and thrilling result that will change your life.

Dr. Funk is a board certified facial plastic surgeon specailizing in nose surgery. He was voted a Top Nose Surgeon in Houston by Realself.

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