Who is the best nose surgeon in Houston?

Since the nose is on your face, you want to trust your face to an expert in that field and to someone who has done rhinoplasty or nose job surgery many times. More important than finding the best nose surgeon in Houston, is finding the RIGHT nose surgeon for YOU in Houston. That is, do you and the surgeon see eye to eye regarding your goals for rhinoplasty. Do you like his or her before and after rhinoplasty photos. Did you mesh well during the initial consultation? These are important aspects of finding the right nose surgeon for you.

It is important to evaluate the surgeon’s before and after photos carefully. Is the lighting similar in both photos? Are the proportions and angle of the photos taken similarly. Are the patient’s facial expressions the same in both photos? Is there a similar amount or style of makeup in both the before and after photo. Are the results to your liking? Do you find noses similar to yours in the surgeon’s before and after gallery? Are there enough before and after photos?

What is most important prior to choosing your surgeon is doing the research. You must select your surgeon carefully and meet with them more than once if necessary.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty expert in Houston, TX.

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