How is sinus surgery different from nose surgery?

Nose surgery such as fixing a deviated septum, making turbinates smaller, or opening the nasal valves assists with the nasal passage and improves breathing and airflow. This will not cure nasal allergies but by making the turbinates smaller, this may lessen the severity of nasal allergy attacks. It is important to understand that 

Who is the best nose surgeon in Houston?

Since the nose is on your face, you want to trust your face to an expert in that field and to someone who has done rhinoplasty or nose job surgery many times. More important than finding the best nose surgeon in Houston, is finding the RIGHT nose surgeon for YOU in…

Is a Facelift Major Surgery

Many potential facelift patients come in not understanding that a properly done, long-lasting facelift is major surgery. Major is a relative term and when compared to heart, brain, or transplant surgery, I guess a facelift is not a “major” surgery.


Is a nose job painful?

Many patients may be apprehensive or nervous about having nose job surgery due to concern over pain or discomfort. Is a nose job painful - this is a common question I receive during consultation.

I have to start off by saying that everyone’s pain threshold…