Social Media and Plastic Surgery

I was recently interviewed in a Fox news segment about the impact social media and the rise of selfies has had on plastic surgery. In today’s world of social media, we see photos of ourselves much more often posted online on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and even on Twitter. Taking photos of ourselves with our camera phones has become an art and posting just the right photo to the world can become an obsession. Many of my rhinoplasty patients come in with selfies they have taken and show me what they dislike about their nose. Some even have photoshopped their nose and show me what they want their nose to look like.

This has only driven a rise in plastic surgery and related procedures. Facial plastic surgical procedures have specifically risen in popularity. I believe that the rise in video on social media sites such as Twitter, SnapChat, or Vimeo will only lead people to desire more treatments for 2 reasons. Now people will be able to see dynamic wrinkles that may occur with expression which will drive the desire for Botox and fillers. Also, it is much more difficult to photoshop and change a video than it is a still image.

Click here to see the segment on Fox 26

Dr. Funk is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon in Houston.

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