Can I have another Facelift?

Some patients who seek facelift surgery have had a facelift or necklift in the past. Typically a facelift lasts 10-12 years if done properly. I have seen and operated on patients who have had a previous facelift and are seeking once again to improve their jawline, jowls, and neck.

A facelift or necklift improves the contour of one’s face and creates a more youthful appearance but does not stop the aging process. Unlike rhinoplasty where we create a nose for life that should not change much after the first 1-2 years from surgery, the face and neck will continue to have looser skin, sag, and droop.

Unless the scars from the previous facelift are unsightly or placed in areas where they can be seen, I typically use the same scars for the incisions. The amount of lifting can never be quite as impressive given the amount of scar tissue from the previous surgery. In addition, the muscle and fascia used to suspend things has thinned out and is not as strong.

Repeat facelift or necklift is a safe and can be a very successful surgery if performed by an experienced surgeon on the proper patient.

Dr. Funk is a facelift surgeon in Houston, TX.

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