How much does rhinoplasty cost in Houston?

The cost of rhinoplasty can vary from region to region within the United States and even in Texas. Rhinoplasty in Houston costs can also vary depending on the complexity of the nose surgery, the experience of the surgeon, and whether insurance is involved for functional or breathing issues such as a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, or nasal valve collapse.

The complexity of the nose can vary based upon how much work may be necessary. Some patients require a simple nasal hump reduction while others may require hump reduction, base reduction, rotating the tip, refining the nasal tip, or straightening a crooked nose. Lastly, there are the revision rhinoplasty patients where complexity takes on a whole new meaning as other areas of cartilage may be needed such as ear cartilage or rib cartilage for the nose surgery.

Incorporating your insurance into the rhinoplasty or nose job procedure will not only abate the surgeon’s fees but will also help with the facility and anesthesia fees for rhinoplasty. If the insurance company can cover the functional aspects of the procedure like septoplasty or turbinate reduction, this can help fray the cosmetic costs of rhinoplasty.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty expert in Houston, TX.

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