Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Recovery after rhinoplasty is fairly straightforward and most patients are social by 8 days. The first two days after surgery can be uncomfortable with moderate congestion (especially if septoplasty for a deviated septum or turbinate reduction is performed). By day 3 or 4 after rhinoplasty, you may feel like you are back to the land of the living and able to do some work from home. A cast and tape will be on your nose until day 6 after surgery. At this time, during your first postop rhinoplasty visit, the cast and tape will be removed, some stitches in the nose removed, and the nose will be retaped. This nasal tape will then typically be removed day 8 after surgery. Bruising around the eyes is dependent on numerous factors such as age, propensity for bruising, and amount of work done during rhinoplasty. But the majority of the time, most bruising has resolved by day 8, or any residual bruising can easily be covered up with makeup.

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