Sunday, July 26, 2015

Does rhinoplasty change your singing voice?

Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery in someone with a professional voice can be performed without changing the singing voice. The resonance and tones to the voice are not controlled by the nasal passages which may change during rhinoplasty. These qualities of the singing voice are more controlled by the nasopharynx back of the nose above the throat and sinuses. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery should not change the singing voice. However, opening sinuses that may be blocked and full of mucus or removing adenoids that are obstructing the nasopharynx will make changes to the voice. Typically, these changes are for the better and will improve a nasally voice. Any patient undergoing surgery with general anesthesia and uses their voice professionally, should let the anesthesiologist know so they can use a smaller endotracheal tube and make sure to be as delicate as possible so as to not irritate the vocal cords.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Should I leave a little bump with rhinoplasty?

I have recently had some rhinoplasty patients who desire to leave some of their dorsal hump with nose surgery or a nose job. These may be patients seeking ethnic rhinoplasty or patients that want to retain their nasal heritage. Cosmetic nose surgery is an elective surgery where there is a subjective aspect to the result. If a patient desires to leave some strength to the dorsum or bridge of the nose, this is reasonable during rhinoplasty. It is important to understand that rhinoplasty for an ethnic nose should have a natural result. You do not want to have a “nose job” appearance or an operated appearance to your nose.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Rhinoplasty with alar base reduction

Ethnic Rhinoplasty frequently requires alar base reduction. This means making the base of the nose narrower, reducing the flare of the nostrils, or making the nostrils narrower. Alar base reduction with rhinoplasty or nose job surgery requires making an incision at the sill of the nose and sometimes excising a wedge of skin from the lateral aspect of the nostril.

Rhinoplasty does not always require alar base reduction. At times, if the nasal tip is overprojected or sticks too far out on profile from the face, bringing this tip down may widen the base of the nose. Similar to bringing down the top of a teepee tent pole. Therefore, base reduction is not only reserved for ethnic rhinoplasty patients.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Is Rhinoplasty Noticeable?

Many of my rhinoplasty patients as if people will notice that they had a nose job. They see the computer generated image and may desire a very conservative change in fear of having too “done” of a look. Rhinoplasty should be performed in a manner that creates a very natural and un-operated result that fits that particular person’s face. I feel that each patient should have a unique nose that fits their face - not an overall “same” nose for different faces.

They say a good rhinoplasty is seen in the eyes and not in the nose. Even though the nose sits in the center of the face, it should not be the center of attention. Rhinoplasty should create a nose that blends into the face, or disappears on the face, so that people will notice your eyes, lips, or hair. The nose should not detract or distract from those features of the face.

I pride myself on creating as natural a result as possible for each patient’s nose and making sure it does not look operated and fits their face. Almost every single rhinoplasty patient of mine when asked, will say, “Nobody notices!”. Except for those they have told they are having surgery of course. For those who are very concerened about whether anyone will notice they have rhinoplasty, I tell them to cut their bangs, highlight their hair, or grow a beard (for men of course!). This will distract people if they do ask, “Something looks different???”, and you can simply point to that change you made.

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