Rhinoplasty with alar base reduction

Ethnic Rhinoplasty frequently requires alar base reduction. This means making the base of the nose narrower, reducing the flare of the nostrils, or making the nostrils narrower. Alar base reduction with rhinoplasty or nose job surgery requires making an incision at the sill of the nose and sometimes excising a wedge of skin from the lateral aspect of the nostril.

Rhinoplasty does not always require alar base reduction. At times, if the nasal tip is overprojected or sticks too far out on profile from the face, bringing this tip down may widen the base of the nose. Similar to bringing down the top of a teepee tent pole. Therefore, base reduction is not only reserved for ethnic rhinoplasty patients.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty expert in Houston, TX.

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