Does rhinoplasty change your singing voice?

Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery in someone with a professional voice can be performed without changing the singing voice. The resonance and tones to the voice are not controlled by the nasal passages which may change during rhinoplasty. These qualities of the singing voice are more controlled by the nasopharynx back of the nose above the throat and sinuses. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery should not change the singing voice. However, opening sinuses that may be blocked and full of mucus or removing adenoids that are obstructing the nasopharynx will make changes to the voice. Typically, these changes are for the better and will improve a nasally voice. Any patient undergoing surgery with general anesthesia and uses their voice professionally, should let the anesthesiologist know so they can use a smaller endotracheal tube and make sure to be as delicate as possible so as to not irritate the vocal cords.

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