Can a Facial Plastic Surgeon perform Sinus Surgery?

Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is commonly performed to change the shape of the nose. Many of these patients may have a deviated septum or trouble breathing due to turbinate enlargement. In addition, some of these patients have chronic sinus issues with recurrent sinusitis or sinus infections.

facial plastic surgeon is one who has undergone extensive ear, nose, and throat surgery training in addition to a facial plastic surgery fellowship. He or she should have knowledge and experience in sinus surgery and be capable to address your sinuses (if they require surgery) at the time of your rhinoplasty.

As a rule of thumb, I am comfortable performing sinus surgery at the time of rhinoplasty as long as the sinus aspect of the case is fairly straightforward. If this is revision sinus surgery, significant polyps, or fungal sinusitis, I would recommend a sinus specialist and not a facial plastic surgeon for your surgery.

Dr. Funk is a nose doctor in Houston, Texas.

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