Can rhinoplasty fix a crooked nose?

Rhinoplasty, or nose job surgery, is frequently a surgery utilized to fix a crooked nose. This is one of the most common reasons for male rhinoplasty as frequently a complaint with female rhinoplasty patients. Some patients are not aware that their nose is even crooked until I have taken their frontal rhinoplasty photograph during consultation and reviewed this with them.

The crooked nose is one of the hardest noses to make and keep perfectly straight. Numerous things must be taken into consideration during rhinoplasty for the crooked nose. Are the nasal bones crooked? Is there a nasal bone fracture? Is the external cartilage framework of the nose deviated? Is there a deviated septum? All these things must be corrected appropriately in order to establish a perfectly straight nose and keep the nose straight during rhinoplasty.

One must also remember that cartilage has memory. If you sleep with your ear bent forward overnight, it will pop right back into place. The nose cartilage wants to do the same thing. Of course during rhinoplasty, the deviated cartilage can be weakened, grafts placed to strengthen it, and stitches or sutures to change the shape. Despite all this, the nose may be perfectly straight on the table, but long term, one can only promise a STRAIGHTER nose as the cartilaginous memory may cause the nose to lose a little correction.

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