Rhinoplasty for the crooked nose

Rhinoplasty for a crooked nose is one of the more difficult noses to fix. This is due to multiple reasons. One is if there are facial asymmetries. It is difficult to create a perfectly straight nose on a face that is not symmetric. 97% of us have facial asymmetries so we can only get so straight.

Additionally, cartilage has memory. If the nose is perfectly straight on the operating table (or as straight as the facial assymetries allow), one cannot control the wound healing process. Despite placing certain sutures, grafts, fracturing the bones, and a cast, the cartilage may want to move back towards its original position and lose some correction. Patients must understand that their nose may stay perfectly straight, but have to agree to at least having a straightER nose long term.

Dr. Funk is a facial plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty surgery in Houston.

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