Is Revision Rhinoplasty Free?

Revision rhinoplasty is a complex operation where the results are much less predictable than primary rhinoplasty. There is significant scar tissue from the previous operation and the cartilage is much more difficult to shape and manipulate as it may be quite fragile, surrounded by scar tissue, or nonexistent.

Patients coming in for revision rhinoplasty after having their previous surgery with another rhinoplasty surgeon should expect a revision rhinoplasty fee higher the standard primary rhinoplasty fee.

You may ask, is revision rhinoplasty free if it is the same surgeon? Cost for revision rhinoplasty by the same rhinoplasty surgeon may vary depending on the surgeon. We feel that if you are unhappy with some aspect of your rhinoplasty, can point it out, we can identify and agree with the issue and are capable of correcting it, you are a good candidate for a revision as long as sufficient time as passed to allow for healing.

If the issue is related to your septum, breathing, or an improperly healed bone, a small revision may be covered by your insurance. Otherwise, there is no charge for the surgeon’s fees, but you as the patient would be responsible for the anesthesia and facility fees.

Dr. Funk is a top revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston, TX.

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