Fixing a broken nose

A nasal fracture due to trauma should be evaluated sooner rather than later. Fixing a broken nose can be done relatively easily as long as the fracture is addressed within the first two weeks before the bones have set. There are two indications for fixing a broken nose or performing a closed reduction of a nasal fracture. Once the swelling has subsided, the nose is evaluated for a deviation. If you feel your nose is significantly deviated or crooked since the trauma, a closed reduction is an option. If you feel your nasal breathing has been compromised since the trauma, this procedure may also help.

A closed reduction of a nasal fracture is typically performed under anesthesia for patient comfort. Using instruments and digital manipulation, the bones are reset into a straight position.

If the bones have already set after a fracture, another option is to wait and perform a more formal rhinoplasty to striaghten the nose by using controlled fractures.

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