Is Revision Rhinoplasty Safe?

When seeking revision rhinoplasty, it is important to seek a rhinoplasty surgeon who is experienced and is comfortable performing revisions. With each revision rhinoplasty, the surgery becomes more difficult as more scar tissue is deposited between the skin and cartilaginous framework. The blood supply to the skin is compromised with each surgery, especially if the skin was thinned during previous rhinoplasty. If an open rhinoplasty approach was performed initially, this can compromise the blood supply even more and potentially lead to possible slight skin sloughing or loss in the supra tip region.

When rhinoplasty is performed, scar tissue will surround and contract around the cartilaginous framework making it much more difficult to shape that cartilage. The cartilage is less malleable and sometimes has just resorbed from the healing process or scar tissue from the previous surgery. This is what can make revision rhinoplasty quite difficult. Ultimately, your surgeon needs to decide if you are a good candidate for surgery and if it the risk is worth the benefit in pursuing revision rhinoplasty.

Dr. Funk is a revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston.

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