Revision Rhinoplasty Scar

Patients desiring revision rhinoplasty may have concerns regarding their scar from open rhinoplasty or their scar around the nostrils from alar base reduction or nostril narrowing. The open rhinoplasty approach requires an incision between the nostrils in the columella. This scar typically heals quite well and is not very visible after rhinoplasty.

The alar base scars or scars around the nostrils may not heal as well or take longer to heal as this is a much thicker skinned area. In addition, this incision is typically under more tension as skin and soft tissue is removed and then needs to be brought together to close a hole in comparison to the mid columellar incision which is not under tension. Any one of these scars could be revised during rhinoplasty.

Dr. Funk is a revision rhinoplasty expert in Houston.

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