Identifying a nose job

A good rhinoplasty is not seen in the nose, but in the eyes. That is to say, the nose is not an object to which attention should be drawn, but rather overlooked…A good nose job in Houston is one where someone cannot tell you had a rhinoplasty. People may look at you and say, you look different. Something has changed about your face.

There are times when you can tell someone has had a rhinoplasty. If the cartilage has been overreacted the tip may be too pinched. If too much of the bridge is taken down, the rhinoplasty patient may have an overly slooped nose or operated appearance. This is especially telling in an ethnic/Middle Eastern rhinoplasty patient where they naturally rarely have a sloped profile.

Rhinoplasty should create a natural, more balanced, and softer nose so that attention can be placed more on the features that should be focused on such as the eyes, hair, cheeks, and lips.

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