Scars after Rhinoplasty

Many rhinoplasty patients will asks if they will have scars after rhinoplasty. This depends on the type of skin you have and what is done.

With the open rhinoplasty approach, you will have an external scar in between the nostrils in the columella. This scar will heal fairly well with all skin types and given that it is underneath the nose in a shadowed area, the scar is rarely visible.

The alar scars for alar base reduction or nostrils size reduction are around the nostrils in a more fibrofatty region of the nasal skin. Narrowing the nostrils or addressing a wide nose requires these incisions. In most patients these scars will appear a little red during the first several weeks. Women can began putting makeup over these alar base scars at two weeks after surgery. However, it will take most patients anywhere between 3-6 months before these scars are imperceptible without makeup. These scars will seem more pronounce in ethnic rhinoplasty patients who have thicker skin or darker pigmented skin. In addition, if you have a propensity for acne scars or do not scar well, these scars may also appear more apparent. Overall, however, with meticulous closure and proper wound care, the scars should be minimal.

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