Monday, February 20, 2017

Recovery after rhinoplasty

Recovery after rhinoplasty is a commonly asked question by my Houston patients. Recovery after rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is typically 8 days. I see the patient after rhinoplasty day 6 at which time the cast and tape come off and a few stitches are taken out. The nose is then retaped. Typically that tape stays on another 2 days (unless you have significant swelling), and then that tape is removed day 8 along with the remaining stitches and then nose is suctioned.

Bruising after rhinoplasty is minimal in most young patients. The older you are, the more fragile your capillaries are and therefore you may bruise more. By day 8, most patients’ bruising is completely resolved. Some may still have some yellow colored bruise which can easily be covered with concealer.

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Surgery or filler for lower eyelids?

Lower eyelid bags or puffiness under the eyes is typically due to protruding fat which can lead to a tired or unrested appearance. The majority of the time, light hits our face from above and therefore this fat casts a shadow leading to the appearance of a depression or dark circle. There are two ways to address this issue.

If there is minimal fat protrusion and not too deep of a depression, filler such as restylane or juvederm can be used to fill this depression to the level of the fat, eliminating the dark circle and improving the appearance of the lower eyelids. This typically improves things by 40-50%. Recovery after filler to the lower eyelids is 1-2 days. Of course this is temporary and the filler dissolves after 6-12 months.

The other option is lower eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. In this eyelid procedure, the fat is teased out and removed but can also be moved into the depression or tear trough. Recovery is 8-10 days and the results can last up to 10 years if not permanently. If there is significant excess skin to the lower eyelids which is redundant, this can also be trimmed at the time of surgery.

Dr. Funk performs lower eyelid bags surgery on a regular basis in Houston.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Which is the best approach for rhinoplasty?

The best rhinoplasty approach truly depends on the comfort of the surgeon and complexity of your nose. Open rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is where a small incision is made between the nostrils and the skin is elevated off of the cartilage and bone. These are reshaped and then the skin needs to contract back over the new cartilage/bony framework.

The closed rhinoplasty approach is where all the incisions are on the inside. The cartilage is not exposed and therefore cartilage shaping and graft placement is not as precise as with the open rhinoplasty approach. This is an older method of rhinoplasty and is now not as popular unless the changes are only minor.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Eyelid Surgery with Rhinoplasty

Frequently patients desire rhinoplasty with lower eyelid surgery for bags under the eyes. Many of my younger rhinoplasty patients have congenital lower eyelid bags that require blepharoplasty or lower eyelid surgery to correct.

Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery can be performed with lower eyelid blepharoplasty to correct bags or dark circles under the eyes. Some rhinoplasty patients will have lower eyelid bruising and swelling with rhinoplasty alone so this is a good time to have lower eyelid surgery for one recovery. Younger patients may state that they feel like they had bags under their eyes as long as they can remember or dark circles under the eyes most of their life.

Rhinoplasty combined with eyelid surgery can be performed safely and effectively to achieve an excellent cosmetic result.

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