Monday, April 10, 2017

Consult fee for Rhinoplasty

Patients frequently call our Houston office asking about rhinoplasty consult fees. At Funk Facial Plastic Surgery, we recognize that other offices may not charge a consultation fee for rhinoplasty. However, you will have a thorough consultation with Dr. Funk that takes 45 minutes to 1 hour where he will discuss and examine your nose. This is followed by making digital changes to the appearance of your nose with Dr. Funk and reviewing before and after rhinoplasty photographs with Dr. Funk. We feel that a consultation fee for Dr. Funk’s time and expertise is appropriate for this endeavor.

If you decide to book your surgery within one week of the consultation, that fee will be put towards Dr. Funk’s surgeon fees. We feel that those patients who have done their research and are serious about surgery will agree that this is a reasonable method for rhinoplasty consult.

Dr. Funk is a top rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston.