Facelift or Necklift for Men

A facelift or neck lift is typically though of for women, but today more and more men are interested in neck lifts to address their turkey gobbler neck, submental fullness, or double chin. Men who are over 55 typically will need a neck lift to address the excess skin and muscle laxity of the neck. Liposuction alone or Kybella alone will leave a lot of loose neck skin that may look worse.

A neck lift for a male is different than that for a female. Close attention must be placed on incisions to assure that the hair bearing skin is not brought onto the ear cartilage so that the patient will not need to shave his ear after a neck lift. In addition, it is important not to feminize the male face when performing a neck and facelift. I therefore do not suspend in as much of a vertical/lateral direction in the face as I would for a female creating a higher cheek bone appearance. This still allows for a tight neck and more defined jawline which are desirable for men.

Dr. Funk is a facelift and neck lift surgeon in Houston.

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