Friday, October 6, 2017

Neck Lift for Men

The most common complaint from aging men is their saggy neck, turkey neck, or neck fat. Depending on the patient’s age, skin elasticity, and amount of fat present, the appropriate treatment may vary.

Men in their 30’s and early 40’s may benefit Kybella injection to this region to decrease neck fat. This requires at least 3 injection treatments 2 months apart. Downtime and discomfort are very minimal and you will simply have some swelling for 3-5 days after the first round of injections. The other option for men this age you have good skin elasticity is submental liposuction. The advantage to neck liposuction versus Kybella is that you can define the jawline more with submental liposuction and cannot with Kybella. Recovery from liposuction is 5-7 days.

Men in their late 40’s and above may require a neck lift. In this situation, liposuction or direct fat excision would be performed followed by suspension of the platysma muscle behind the ear to tighten the neck. This would require surgery as an outpatient and recovery is about 10-14 days.

Dr. Funk is a Houston facial plastic surgeon who performs neck lifts for men.