Should I get rhinoplasty with septoplasty?

Many of my Houston patients seeking septoplasty for a deviated septum are interested in making changes to the appearance of their nose at the same time. Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery can be performed at the same time as septoplasty and turbinate reduction. In fact, almost every rhinoplasty typically requires some sort of septoplasty as the cartilage from the septum is utilized for grafting purposes during the rhinoplasty. This cartilage may be used to straighten a crooked nose, support the nasal tip, refine the nasal tip, or build up the nasal bridge. If you have the septoplasty separate from the rhinoplasty it may complicate future rhinoplasty if you are considering making changes to the appearance of your nose. There may be insufficient cartilage available in the septum requiring ear or rib cartilage for your rhinoplasty.

Dr. Funk is a top rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston, TX.

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