Kybella and Neck Liposuction

Many of my Houston patients desiring to treat their double chin or full neck if Kybella or neck liposuction is best. This depends on your age, anatomy, skin laxity, amount of fat, and feeling towards surgery. Kybella will only work for the double chin or the fat just under the chin whereas liposuction will address this fat in addition to the fat along and under the jawline. Kybella requires at least 3 series of injections 2 months apart. After the first injection there is considerable swelling for the first 5-7 days. If you are considering having another procedure in addition to your neck that requires surgery, then neck liposuction would be a better choice. Cost of neck liposuction versus Kybella would depend on how much fat you have. Lastly, for both procedures, proper skin elasticity needs to be present so that the skin will contract after the fat is removed. Otherwise, you may require a neck lift.

Dr. Funk performs neck liposuction in Houston.

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