Monday, January 29, 2018

How does rhinoplasty work?

Many of my Houston patients inquire as to how does rhinoplasty work? During rhinoplasty we are changing the shape of the cartilage and bone to acquire a more refined and more aesthetically pleasing nose. After reshaping the nose, the skin will contract onto the new external framework. Cartilage is made smaller and sometimes repositioned. Cartilage grafts from the septum or the ear can be used to reshape the nose as well during rhinoplasty. Stitches or sutures can be placed into the cartilage to reshape the nose and even bend the nose to the desired shape. Nasal tip skin can sometimes be thinned or defatted in order to create a more refined tip. Skin and soft tissue can be removed in certain areas of the nostril in order to narrow the nostrils.

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Facelift Tape

Recently, one of my Houston facelift patients asked if I recommended facelift tape. Apparently, this is performed by placing some strong adhesive just under the sideburn and using tape and a tight hair tie to pull the lateral aspect fo the face up and out. The direction of the lift is in the same vector that we would lift the face during a facelift. Although this is quite temporary, you will be able to see the tape, and does not give you the lift surgery will, it may enhance things minimally. It could be worth a try for those who do not want to undergo surgery or cannot afford it.

Dr. Funk is a facelift surgeon in Houston, TX.

Scars after Eyelid surgery

Many of my Houston eyelid surgery patients want to know where the scars will be left after eyelid surgery. With upper eyelid surgery, the scars will hide nicely in the eyelid crease. A small portion of the scar will extend about 1/2 inch out from the outside corner of the eye. This portion of the eyelid surgery scar will take the longest to heal and be slightly red but will eventually hide in a crow’s feet crease.

Lower eyelid surgery or eyelid bags surgery can be addressed through an incision on the inside of the eye through the pink portion of the eye. However, there is frequently excess skin of the lower eyelid that will need to be removed and this incision is placed just under the lash line and the scar will hide nicely under the lashes and in a shadowed crease.

Most scars on the eyelids after eyelid surgery heal incredibly well as this is thin skin which leaves minimal scar.

Dr. Funk is an eyelid surgeon in Houston, TX.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Will eyelid surgery improve my vision?

Patients may feel that their vision is improved after eyelid surgery. This is especially true for upper eyelid surgery. Lower eyelid surgery or lower eyelid bags surgery will not affect vision. Removing the excess upper eyelid skin may improve peripheral visual fields which in turn could improve vision. This will occur when looking up and when looking laterally and up. Some surgeons may accept insurance for this eyelid surgery but at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery we do not. Lower eyelid surgery can be performed at the same time as upper eyelid surgery.

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Should I consider a vampire facelift?

Some of my Houston facelift patients come in asking about the vampire facelift and what it entails. This was a technique popularized several years ago that entails taking platelet rich plasma (PRP) from your blood and injecting it into your face. This is though to stimulate collagen growth and create a more youthful appearing face and skin. In truth, this should not be called a facelift as it will not address jowling or loose neck skin. A mini facelift or face and neck lift will surgically address these issues. The vampire facelift will simply create more refreshed skin.

Dr. Funk is a facelift surgeon in Houston, Texas.