Are photoshop results achievable with rhinoplasty?

Many of my Houston rhinoplasty patients are curious as to how close we can get to a photoshopped rhinoplasty result with surgery. I explain to all my rhinoplasty patients that the digital image result is not reflective of an exact surgical change but allows the patient and I to have a conversation regarding the desired outcome so I get a feel as to what they want and they can get an idea of my aesthetic sense or what I feel is achievable. That being said, I always take the photoshopped image into surgery with me and attempt to replicate this surgically. Digitally altering the frontal view is difficult to mimic a surgical result as there are lots of lights and shadows on a 3-D nose while the digital image is 2-D. These are things to take into account when considering rhinoplasty.

Dr. Funk performs rhinoplasty in Houston Texas.

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