Is revision rhinoplasty free?

Many of my Houston rhinoplasty patients inquire into our revision rhinoplasty policy during their initial consultation. Although this is not the path we plan on taking, it is a valid question and one that can be easily addressed. At Funk Facial Plastic Surgery, our policy is that for Dr. Funk to consider a revision after your rhinoplasty, three criteria must be met. The first is that you the patient, must be unhappy with an aspect of the outcome of your rhinoplasty. Next, Dr. Funk has to be able to identify and recognize this concern as well. Lastly, there must be something that can be done for this issue. For example, patients with very thick skin whose tip has been made smaller but still want a more refined nasal tip may not be possible due to their skin thickness.

Dr. Funk’s policy is that if these criteria are met, the surgeon’s fee is waived and you the patient would simply be responsible for the facility and anesthesia fees.

Dr. Funk is a rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty specialist in Houston, Texas.

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