Does eyelid surgery cause dry eye?

Eyelid surgery for upper eyelid hooding/excess upper eyelid skin or for lower eyelid bags is performed by Dr. Funk in Houston often. Patients who have a history of dry eye should be evaluated by their ophthalmologist prior to eyelid surgery to assure they are good candidates and to possibly preemptively begin therapy. Patients who develop newly diagnosed dry eye after blepharoplasty should maintain proper lubrication after surgery and await 2-3 weeks until swelling and tightness resolve. If dry eye persists, than prescription drops or other therapy may be needed.

The best treatment for dry eye with eyelid surgery is preventative by the surgeon. If a patient has a history of dry eye, then skin resection for upper eyelid surgery should be conservative allowing for plenty of skin for eye closure. If the lower lid is lax or weak, then a canthopexy or canthoplasty may be necessary to support the lower eyelid.

Dr. Funk performs eyelid surgery in Houston Texas.

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